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Discussion about the book by Bojan Jovanović “Nurtured Wilderness - Film and Alternative Film” (DKSG, 2020)

After Miroslav Bata Petrović’s critical review of the book “Negovana divljina”, with excerpts from Bojan Jovanović’s films, Aleksandra Sekulić, Greg de Cuir Jr, Ivan Velisavljević and Bojan Jovanović talk about the topics of alternative film and alternative culture, Bojan Jovanović’s opus, and of course the content of “Negovana divljina”.

The book “Nurtured Wilderness – Film and Alternative Film” includes essays, interviews and authorized presentations by Bojan Jovanović, on the topics of his rich film opus, alternative and experimental film, film subversiveness and surrealism, the relationship between alternative and official cinematography, and more widely observed codes of these two cultures. The book also contains Jovanović’s essays on Andy Warhol, Jon Jost, Andrej Tarkovski, R. V. Fassbinder… The publisher is the Students’ City Cultural Center.

About the author:

Bojan Jovanović was born in 1950, in Niš, where he finished elementary school and high school. He received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in anthropology and ethnology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and while working at the Institute for Balkan studies, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts he acquired the title of scientific advisor.

He has made over forty alternative films, many of which produced by the Academic Film Center of the Students’ City Cultural Center. Most important films: “TV Is the Cinema I Go by Sitting in the Backyard” (1974), “Teleteka” (1975), “The Found Channel” (1975), “Exodus” (1976), “Medium” (1977), “The Beginning” (1978), “The Thinking of the Eye” (1979), “In the Making” (1980), “Lennon” (1981), “Turmoil” (1982), “The Virgin’s Gift” (1982), “The Holiday” (1983), “Scenes That Ate Themselves” (1984), “Process” (1986), “The Show” (1986-87), “Beats of Measured Time” (1988). As part of the production studio of TV Novi Sad, he directed the films “Life is a Dream” (about Andrei Tarkovsky) and “Collective unconscious” (about Karl Gustav Jung). He has received the most significant domestic and foreign awards for his films.

bojan jovanovic nurtured wilderness

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