The selected films reflect a numerous forms and contents in the contemporary experimental filmmaking practice which can generate a theoretical debate on aestethetics, techniques, themes and procedures opening up new strands in the field.

Selected films broaden experimental filmmaking tradition by taking up new technologies, synthesizing and hybridizing historically constituted forms, techniques and contents. They reached the jury both emotionally and conceptually, affecting their senses on a visceral level, inducing thoughts and ideas. Varying in production scales, from high end drama to low budget digitally generated animations, these films have made an original contribution to structuralist filmmaking, non linear narrative, essay documentary, abstract animation, contemporary visual art, and computer gaming story-telling, often combining these methods.

Before going to the list, the jury would like to remark the long term effort of the Croatian Audio Visual Centre in investing and supporting experimental films of which the quality is visible in the context of the competition. This model has created a solid infrastructure for (younger) filmmaker to develop their artistic languages without the constraints of commercial cinema driven by profit. This model sets a benchmark and example to follow for other countries.


While We Were Here, Sunčica Fradelić, Croatia, 2022, 15′ 09”

When the world comes to an End, I will have loved You, Gloria Gammer, Austria, 2022, 15′ 01” (Sonja Savić Award)

The House He Never Owned, Debjit Bagchi, India, 2022, 1′

Accidental Memory Fields, Krunoslav Ptičar, Croatia, 2022, 12′ 05”

XX, Vasja Lebarič & Julij Zornik, Slovenia, 2022, 10′ 55”

The Film Factory, Silvestar Kolbas, Croatia, 2022, 15′ 12”

Fat Tuesday, Aleksandrija Ajduković, Serbia, 2022, 8′ 25” (Also Ivan Kaljević Award, for unique sense of humor and unconventional approach)


Tomaso Aramini

Borjana Gaković

Vladislav Knežević

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