Ex-Yu Panorama

Gravity of a Thought from the Boltzmann’s Brain 

Uroš Marolt 

Slovenia, 2022

Digital, 5’ 53’’

Boltzmann’s brain thought experiment is a basis for a film mirage, merging theoretical physics with abandoned hayracks, ideas of space-travel pioneer Herman Potočnik with a thousand-years-old text of Monumenta Frisingensia, partisan monuments and post-war massacres memorial with spaces of alternative culture and stadium … 



Petar Dositej Aranđelović

Serbia, 2022

Digital, 7’ 14’’

NO ONE-Dedication. A small country against the world alliance. This is also a tribute to all the victims of their aggression. The hero is taken from the American film production – one against all.



Bartol Babić Vukmir 

Croatia, 2021

Digital, 2’ 09’’ 

Three alternatives face a sleepwalker.


No Easy Money

Zoran Saveski

Serbia, 2022.

Digital, 14’ 42’’

Ukrainian girls practicing the dance from the West. A kid with special needs on summer holidays. A fisherman looking for the fish and himself.


Protection Factor

Lidija Mićović

Serbia, 2022

8mm, VHS, digital, 4’ 22’’

The image can be read as archival, historical, but also (Yugo)nostalgic. The implementation of sound, which is assembled from generic samples, constructs a parallel narrative and foregrounds fossil fuel consumers. The landscape is transposed into an ecological (dystopian) one.



Luka Matić

Croatia, 2022

Digital, 9’ 25’’

A visual contemplation of the complex human relationship with nature, told in a composite flow of archival footage within a matrix of images of nature.


How Would Stan Brakhage Watch Fritz Lang 

Ivan Faktor 

Croatia, 2022.

Digital, 30’ 

Experimental short is a poeticized study on film tape about the imagery of analog film and the uniqueness of the view created by the eye of the camera.

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