Jury presentation #2

Jury presentation #2

by Vladislav Knežević


A.D.A.M. (2014)

stereoscopic 3D, 12′ 45″ 

A.D.A.M. is a film about the attempt to obtain control over a monitored piece of space junk which unexpectedly gained consciousness. 


2018. 19′

Gravitational waves are passing through every existing dimension, even the almost undetectable ones. The scientific experiment, in its basic utilitarian nature, is aimed at the understanding of the multidimensional structure of things and has the potential for an uncanny experience.


2021. DCP/film, VR, 20′

In an underwater robotics test pool, a machine infected by an unknown biological conglomerate conducts a fatal maneouvre. The new compounds create their own forms, self-sustainable, self-forming and adaptable. An Anthropocene, a human product, has opened a possibility for the extension of the body without organs to host other forms of life, inhumanly wondrous and unpredictable.


2022. DCP, 8′

Integrating itself within the micro level of high-speed space dust particles, the nanogenerator is coding models, conjectures and possibilities. The process encompasses firmly elaborated scientific theses, doubts and phantasms, imaginariums and fringe discourses at different scales. The interior architectonics of pataphysical machine is scaled up from the nano level and is rendering emergence with its movements. The spiral rotation with variable speed within the particle simulates, but also potentially actualizes formation. 


Vladislav Knežević (1967) graduated from De Vrije Academie (Audio-visual Dept.) in Den Haag. Professionally works as a freelance director for TV and various productions since 1993. He is into experimental film, video and sound processing since 1988. He has also initiated and organized several film programmes and presentations (Reference to Difference, Videodrome TV edition, 25 FPS International Experimental Film Festival).


Psihogeneza, 16mm, 1988.

In the Colourbox , 16mm / U-Matic, 1989/1990.

Test of the Infinite Dream, U-Matic, 1992.

X Tactile Transition, SVHS / Betacam SP, 1994/1996.

Convergence, Betacam SP, 1997.

Full Range, DVCam / Betacam SP ,1999.

Under Construction, DigitalBetacam, 2003.

ReLocated , DigitalBetacam, 2005.

Archeo 29, 35mm / DCP 3D stereoscopic, 2010.

Binary Pitch, DCP, 2013

A.D.A.M, DCP, 3D stereoscopic, 2015.

End Cycle, DCP, 2017.

Dokument Parakozmik DCP, 3D stereoscopic, 2018.

Colonello Futurista, DCP, 2019.

Imploder, DCP,2020.

Aqualia , DCP/VR, 2021.

Null Cone, DCP, 2022.

Refractions, DCP, 2022.

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